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First step, please follow me on Odysee to understand what this is all about:

All the media is hosted on my Free Odysee channel, and now also displayed here.

Because of my Odysee channel (media storage) this website uses less than 100 kB of my 1 GB Free Neocities storage space.

You can find some great Website Tools here:

Two ways to display a GIF

click on the above GIF

a gif that is a thumbnail on Odysee

Two ways to display a video

Two ways to display a PDF

Display a PDF file in a new tab

Display a PDF file without opening a new tab

Direct download of a zip file

FREE DOWNLOAD of a zip file

Three ways to play Audio

Audio Playlist opens in a new tab

Three ways to display Images

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a thumbnail

Image Example

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more soon... please bookmark and share this website, download the LBRY Desktop app and create your own Odysee Channel

Static Website Logo